In this survey, the surface features like hills, rivers, level, etc. of the region are measured and studied. The detailed topo survey of the area provides sufficient data for the following:

- To describe the nature of property to be acquired
- To estimate the excavation quantities
- To estimate the quantities of clearing the site, removing roots and stumps from ground, etc.

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Topographical Services:

The topographical and surface features, utility system information, geophysical information and the necessary dimensions, angles, elevations etc for the preparation of engineering design and construction drawings.
All kinds of Levelling Survey.
Establishment Temporary Bench Mark (TBM) from Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) or BWDB Datum by Levelling Instrument.
Details Topographic Survey by Total Station and RTK GPS.
Transmission line survey
Land Assessment/ Site Assessment for Power plant or large scale project.
All existing elements found at the site and in its immediate vicinity is surveyed.
The accuracy of work carried out to produce the required data is stated. Guarantees for its data accuracy.