To providing safe water supply and adequate drainage facilities for the entire urban and rural population of the country.

Drinking unsafe water impairs human health through illnesses such as diarrhea, and untreated sewage can contaminae drinking-water supplies and the environment, creating a heavy burden on communities.

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Water Supply and Sanitation Services:

• Conduct site selection for all WASH infrastructure.
Conduct site visits to all latrine production centers & bathing units (Rings and Slab) & water points to inspect the progress, the materials quality and production as per design & specifications.
Collect water points related information on the GPS reading of all water points, depth, pump level, estimated yield for water points, geological logs etc.
Conduct monitoring of the desludging, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, faecal sludge treatment, solid waste management etc.
Prepare defects list and ensure that make all defects thereby listed are corrected within agreed time and take a remedial action.
Report daily on progress, highlighting areas of concern and solutions to address the concerns.
Contribute to a GIS map with detail excel database.