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Project title

Expert services on RTK/Topographic Survey in RAJUK Jhlmil project area.



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High precision digital survey was conducted to demarked Jhilmil Residential Park using RTK GPS instrument. The boundary of Jhilmil residential park area was marked by 36 pillars and the position of all the pillars were digitally surveyed and tabulated in Maps. The area enclosed by 36 pillars with 155.81 acres of land.

Services provided

Geodetic Survey of total Boundary of the Project area by RTK GPS.
Geodetic Survey of BNG apartment Boundary by RTK GPS.
Establishment of 20 no’s of Temporary Bench Mark (TBM) from Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) pillar throughout the individual project area by Levelling Instrument.
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) will be prepared in the surveyed area.
Spot height by Total Station in 4 different zones in surveyed area.
Data, Drawing, preparation.