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Project title

Supervising & analyzing topographic survey and conduct Cross Section Survey in Tecknaf for 200MW Solar Power Plant.


SunEdison, USA.

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DSGS supervised a topographic survey of about 1000 acre of land and conducted a Cross Section survey for the key input of hydrological analysis for 200MW solar power plant at Nhillah Union of Teknaf Upazila under the Cox’s Bazar District. DSGS executed of cross section survey and hydrological analysis GIS analysis and providing Engineering resources etc.

Services provided

Establishment of 20 no’s of Temporary Bench Mark (TBM) from Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) pillar throughout the individual project area by Levelling Instrument.
Particulars topographic information will be collected and details Topographic survey will be done at an interval of 25m by Total Station and DGPS.
Canal cross section will be done at every 500 m intervals inside the project area
Hydrograph analysis from the available data in nearby BWDB river stations and rainfall stations.
Contour line will be generated at an interval of 0.5 m or 0.25m depending on project requirement
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) will be prepared in the surveyed area.
Volume calculation (Cutting/Filling) will be done at every 100 m grid.
Mauza Map will be superimposed on topographic survey area and each plot volume calculation will be analyzed.