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Project title

Institutional Data Collection survey on Geo-Spatial Information in Bangladesh



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SERVIR – HKH is an ICIMOD, NASA and USAID joint initiative aimed at promoting the use of geo-spatial applications for improved decision making by the agencies working in areas of agriculture and food security, water resources and hydro-meteorological hazards, land cover land use change ecosystems and weather and climate in Bangladesh. In this connection a DSGS is involved in a questionnaire survey to undertake an institutional capacity assessment study under this initiative where the results will help to design effective and need based program.

Services provided

Develop template for Geospatial data and inventory on the four SERVIR thematic areas.
Jointly develop the questionnaire and list of stakeholders to be included in the inventory
Conduct survey of relevant stakeholders
Support senior consultant for collecting data on decision making landscape study
Compile the inventory into a database for submission
Report on Geospatial data describing available datasets, accessibility, resolution, time frame.
Geospatial tools in SERVIR-HKH thematic area with description including purpose, methodology, output, target user, present status.